Know Islam, Know Paradise

Five days ago, I was to undergo a training for three days at Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos state. The meeting was to start by 12pm but I decided to get there earlier being the first time. I go to the venue around 10am so had to chill at the Hotel’s reception for two hours.


Other people inside the reception were watching Trump’s order on the TV. An order that banned seven Muslim countries. One of the staff said, “Yeah, Good he banned them. I don’t understand why some people will just kill and kill in the name of God”

I said, “excuse me sirs. If as a black man, you are happy that Donald Trump banned some certain Muslim countries and promised to persecute Muslims, have you looked at his racist side? Due to the contribution of the NATION OF ISLAM (NOI), a religio-political movement, it is customary for an average American who hates Islam to hate blacks and vice versa.

The nation of Islam was created in 1930 when racism was high.The organization consists of black Muslims, unfortunately, they tried to fight racism with racism and claiming black superiority hence to an average ignorant American who hates Islam detests blacks. Look at the protests after Trump was inaugurated, were they only Muslims? If your family members begin to have a feel of Trump’s policies, would you not be a bigot and hypocrite to go against him? Colour does not have a religion, hence, since Trump’s policies might be too good for Africans, do you not think you should consider what you celebrate?”

One of them said, “Well, yeah. You have some points though but we still need to put a stop to killings by these Muslims and America is taking a good step”

I replied, ” Do you know that Muslims have always been at the receiving end of these terrorist activities? Syria, Iraq, Maiduguri are Muslim dominated territories, why then do we make it like a christian persecution stuff?. All Muslims want to go to paradise. I am a Muslim and if killing is the fastest way to enter paradise, I could have killed someone here then straight to paradise.

If you were to call a group of people who practice a particular religion terrorists, on what basis do your assertion? The number of people who do not make up 2% of the group, their scripture,creed or what? How do you identify a terrorist attack?

I think a terrorist activity occurs only it involves someone who puts one hijab, Jalab, bears an Islamic name, shouts Allahu akbar. If not so, then christian are more terrorists. Let us go to prisons worldwide, let us count how many Muslims, Christians and adherents of other faiths we have in prisons.

Islam as a religion does not encourage terrorism. In Quran 5 Verse 32, Allah said that anyone who kills is as if he has killed the whole of humanity. The last verse of a chapter in the Quran called Surah Kafiroon says, Lakum deenukum wali yadeen meaning my religion to me, your religion to yours and that is the highest form of religious tolerance.

Quran chapter 2 verse 256 also says that there should be no compulsion in religion. NO COMPULSION! I have a copy of the Quran on my phone here, I can show you these verses”

AlhamduliLah, they listened attentively to the submissions and they concluded those are bad muslims though I went on to explain the political side of the terrorist activities to them. At the end of the discussion, at least, two people now have a different perspective of Islam and the Quran.


Bashir LuCas Samson Lukman

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    Whoa! This is by far the most helpful thing on the subject I have ever come across. Thank you for your hard work.

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