Who is great? 

Know Islam, Know Paradise

​Then I wonder what greatness would bring me even being known by name by everyone in the world…

Pharaoh was great so was Julius Caesar;

Alexander the great, Michael Jackson was also renowned;

Muhammad Ali is in the pages of history; Nelson Mandela isn’t lost;

And Adolf Hitler, Obafemi Awolowo;

Mention Malcom X without forgetting to remember Williams Shakespeare;

Say Aristotle, say Columbus;



I look around and I couldn’t find them, then I wonder,

Is there anyone great except one who bows down to Allah (SWT) in Worship?

Is human greatness not naught as it vanishes in the air at death and becomes a tale except one counted as good deeds which would aid one in the Hereafter?

Is there anyone wise except one who turns to Allah (SWT) in sincere devotion? 

Is anyone really worthy of being pleased at the expense of one’s Hereafter when they wouldn’t offer to be buried with you nor bear your burdens in the Hereafter?

Is there anyone smarter than one who knows this Life is but short and uses it to prepare himself for the Hereafter?

Is there any call to success that exceeds the call to Solat? The solat that leads one to a life of eternal bliss compared to a success on earth that could vanish or one would leave.

Is there any truer success than being counted among the righteous in the Hereafter?

And on whom is woe and misfortune if not He counted among the losers in the Hereafter?

And are we not in loss except as those who join together in the mutual teaching of truth, patience and constancy.

And there’s no truer that than testifying that “There’s no one worthy of worship except ALLAH (SWT) and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is his messenger.

And this statement wouldn’t be beneficial to one till he testifies to it with all sincerity. And no one truly believes in Allah till he fears Him.

And is there anyone who truly fears Allah(SWT) except that the fear leads him/her to submit totally to Allah’s will?

How many are they in the pages of history, men of valour, men of might yet they would be counted among the losers in the Hereafter?

And how many are they of men who are of no eminence, not renowned yet they are a mansion of Taqwaa, doers of good deeds, speakers of truth and excellent in patience?  For them is a reward unfailingly.


May Allah (SWT) make doing his will easier for us, forgive our sins and make Jannah our final abode.  

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman


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