WORLD By Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

The world is like a match

With both young and old as players:
midfielders or strikers

Only old players play finely on field

While the young kept on fouling on field

Just to be famous

And they do not want to be on the bottom of the league

The first half has gone

We are in the second half

Waiting for the final whistle to be blown

Struggling for a win

We don’t want to leave those points behind

We want the game to be ours

We want to fly at the top of the table

World is like a land

On which we are living,

Waiting to hear from the Land Lord

With notice or not

World is a market,

With both men and women

As buyers and sellers

None want to go at a lost

Everyone want to gain

Only losers end up losing

Having no record of achievements

World is a school,

We are all students

Coming and going

We learn, undergo test and examination

The best who listened are likely to have excellent results

That day portrayed on their palms

While the dulls hold poor results

At the end of the term

Not wanting to show to anyone regretting when it is to late

World is a fine fruit,

That everyone will like to eat

Because of its sweet taste

Not minding that there a day,

When all what eaten will be accounted before everyone

That is the time

That he would complain of the pain

After he had enjoyed eating

Digestion and excretion is a most

So long as we eat, we can not escape it.


Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

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