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WHY SHOULD WE DISOBEY OUR LORD By Ummu Ma’eeshatil-Khayran Bint Abdir-Rahmaan

I really do not understand

Why should we disobey our Lord?

Must we all go blind?

And follow what is on trend?

You call Hijab your Pride;

Yet your hair you can’t hide?

Your ear-rings are always outside?

With eyebrows drawn big and wide
You know the rules of Hijab, yet you don’t abide

You call Hijab your way of life

Yet, your nudity is not covered up to half

Your figure eight, you must show off

Today it’s cape, tomorrow it’s a scarf

You want to have fun while gambling on a cliff

Falsehood is the aim, Deen is not for the fake

On social media, you are miss Hijab Diva

From your neck to head is all that you cover

Hijab to Masjid not to parties? Never!

Your beauty you want everyone to discover

You claim to be modest but you know why it’s not true?

You want to wear Hijab and you want to flaunt your butts

You remove Hijab for the sake of photoshots

You believe with Hijaab your photos won’t look good

You know what is right yet you choose falsehood

You wear Hijab and fix nails

You wear Hijab and wear tight jeans

You wear Hijab and you paint your lips

You wear Hijab and you fix eyelashes

You wear Hijab but your face is full of pancakes

All these will earn you nothing but punishments!

Dearest 21st century Muslimah!

Follow your Lord’s instruction to avoid destruction

Obey your Lord’s injunction and earn His protection

Behind the correct Hijab lies lots of Hikmah

Wear it appropriately and earn Allah’s Rahmah.


© Ummu Ma’eeshatil-Khayran Bint Abdir-Rahmaan

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