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Two weeks ago, I shared a story of the branch of Christianity that claimed to be preaching the Gospel of Jesus, but ended up messing up with Jesus’ reputation as a reputable Servant and one of the great Messengers of the Creator sent to mankind on earth: JESUS WILL BE THE KING; IF THEY BUT KNOW THAT WE KNOW. Today is another day for a new story to complement the previous one I shared.

Still on the house chore busyness. While I was busy helping the most beloved member of my family finish some of the house chores, I was visited by another branch of the Christian faith. The visitors are not part of the trinitarian, they are different sect entirely and they also preach their gospel different from the mainstream Christians; they are the so called JEHOVAH WITNESS. Good greeting was shared as an introductory approach, of which I welcomed them well with good greeting alike. Noticing that I was playing an audio recitation of the Qur’ān on my phone, this didn’t reverse their mission, they still stood firm on the message both preachers intended to offer.


Observing their firmness to pass on the gospel, my thought was; you never knew the one chance you entered today, as I’m fully ready to prove any ambiguity this our neighbouring believers claimed to be preaching. I so much loved the time they intended sharing with me, so I ordered them to proceed with their message with love and cheerful face. This is unknown to my neighbour preachers that the vicinity they entered is the den of one of the truth revealers.

As the preacher began with the message from the Bible. One verse of the Bible was quoted, when it met with critical questions, another one was quoted in support. When the second verse mentioned about Jesus ‘being the son of man‘, then I began my critical enquiries: why do u refer to Jesus as the son of God when he is quoted to be the son of man…?
One question and response led to another as I tried as much as to disprove this claim of these preachers with reference from the Qur’ān.


To cut the long story short, both the JW preachers tried the escapist plan and wanted to offer me some resources of theirs to read, I welcomed that too. Not so much welcomed, but I used the likeness of the principle of double entry in accounting for them:
That is; Giver and receiver rule. So if they had to give me anything to read, I would also offer them something to read in return. Hence the two party must affect one another; ‘for every debit entry (receiving personnel), there must be a corresponding credit entry (giving personnel)’. Hearing my strategy of accepting the resources they intended to offer me, they had to bid me a good farewell without bothering to share any message again.


Such is the story of today, if these people can be challenged by Muslims with valid evidence from the undiluted Qur’ān and Hadith, our neighboring believers will not bother the lukewarm Muslims and the knowledgeable ones.
We have much to preach to these our believing neighbours about Jesus than what they are preaching to us:

O People of the Book (Jews & Christians)! Now hath come unto you, making (things) clear unto you, Our Messenger, after the break in (the series of) our messengers, lest ye should say: “There came unto us no bringer of glad tidings and no warner (from evil)”: But now hath come unto you a bringer of glad tidings and a warner (from evil). And Allah hath power over all things.” (Surah Al-Maeda, 5:19)


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  1. Abdulhakeem says:

    Educating….for us to heard by them we have to give them audience and then preach the real massage to them. Hmmm got that.

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