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January 8, 2019 Islamic Poems Regeneration 0


Darkness still lingers in the sky

Not giving up its evil soul to death.

It spreads torches of vilification

The dagger of inhumanity

Plunges the heart of the sky.

When humanity becomes trivial,

The deaf turns he who forsook

The tears of the toddler that echo for help

In his unlettered voices and then stamp his throat

To be in a peaceful misery.

When humanity becomes trifle,

The blind turns he who saw a man in

The puddle of blood scouring for breath

As pain tears him apart and then spits on him

With no twinge of sadness.

When humanity lives no more,

The dumb becomes he who spits not the truth

His salivas are hues of lies butchering justice

Slaying the growing tree of the masses

Whose fruit has promised them fairness.

Truly the handicap is not he

With one sleeve of dress nor he with one footprint

But he who never races to the wails of the needy

And he whose heart is a narrow part to groups of misanthropy.


© Olatunde Azeezah (PenTalks)

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