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WHEN FRIDAY CAME By Abu A’ish Mk Albani 

April 16, 2018 Islamic Poems Uncategorized 0

So it’s Friday already

It met me way to early

I sunk in the couch with a cup of tea in my hand

I got hooked to lipton ever since I discovered that it

Well, let’s just say it’s beyond magical at night

So it got very cold before I could take another sip

It was midnight: silence was so loud

The breeze was infiltrating the peace that lies in between unbonded particles

Making both my tibia and fibula to press against the pair of bones

In my other leg all in my futile attempt to keep warm

I couldn’t sleep neither could the light bulb

Which gave me a contemptuous look as if it was saying “Dude, it’s past your bedtime!!”

But this isn’t about me nor giving body and mind it’s due right

This isn’t about me at all

Nothing really is about us

It’s funny how our mind weave ideas

And we find ourselves painting the world with the little we possess

How wonderful will it be the day

We really learned to draw an empty canvas

Which is so heavy that would make the whole world to come together and lift it up

Of course this might be the first time

And it won’t be for the Cameras nor breaking the Guinness World Record

As the old rules goes

“You can only be truly happy by helping others” for Allah’s sake and expect nothing in return

Not even a thank you

But first, we have to learn to entertain that idea.


Abu A’ish Mk Albani 

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