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What is Moderate Islam? By Shaykh Imran Hussein

March 20, 2018 Articles On Islam Islamic Scholars' Arena News on Islam Rebuttals 0

Not long ago, I wrote on how and why the term, “Moderate Islam” is not acceptable. Based on their understanding, some do not get this and why it is an insult sometimes.

If there moderate Islam, moderate Muslim represent the moderate state or teaching of Islam, why not have moderate Christianity or Moderate Judaism? This term, “Moderate Islam” was not used by Allah, prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his companions nor any scholar of Islam.

This term was birthed by those who found the fundamental teachings of Islam unacceptable but see liberalism as the true representation of Islam, an image created by them and for them.

Though harmless, not all terms or praises are acceptable. You help someone and he’s surprised that you are a Muslim! You’re good looking and he finds it difficult to belive that you are a Muslim! Given how crowded the hospital was with Muslims when I was at the hospital, a nurse said, “I like this your own type of Islam o. You are different Muslims”. I had to correct her that this is not our own version of Islam, it is how Islam/Muslims should be.

You still find it difficult to understand? Watch;

What is Moderate Islam By Shaykh Imran Hussein

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