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WHAT IS LIFE? By Mustapha Habeebah “Smiling Pen”

November 10, 2018 House Of Salam (HOS) Islamic Poems 0


What is life?

If my deen is still shivering at the corner of my heart

And my solawaat is hidden at the tip of my lips

Will it be of help on a needy day?

What is life?

If the Book sent is for decoration

In my library of thousands of loved books

And my hands reach it only when in troubles of life

What is life?

If my head cover still remains

Shoulder cover when a day is coming

All part will be covered without resisting

What is life?

If pride and arrogance are still

My finest dress shinning on my shoulder

But heedless of life after death

What is life?

If I can’t vent my pen to abolish

Bad deeds when my heart beat

For those that fall victim.


© Mustapha Habeebah “Smiling Pen”

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