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UNDER THE HIJAB? By Sanni Kay. Yusuf


There is no one she cannot talk down. She is lousy – orally untidy, verbously shameless and attitudinally unbefitting. She does not only abuse, she rains curses on whoever crosses her path – unfortunately under the hijab.

She is no respecter of anyone, not even her parents. She coughs out whatever shaytan whispers into her unbridled tongue. She blurts out anything from the world of her ignominious mouth.

The sacredness of the Hijab garment is of no meaning to her whenever she addresses a matter in public. She is usually not different from a garrage vagabond each time she is angered. Whoever intervenes to quench the matter is obviously in trouble.

Her parents know her to be a demon of pathological cantankerousness who turns situations into cacophonous phenomena. She grumbles that her mode of dressing is hated by them, yet the behaviour with which such can be redeemed aren’t existent in her person.

To her husband, she is a filthy parrot. She spits out anything that flows through her speech organs. To her hubby, she has become an object of lamentation.

In a commuter vehicle, she abuses the driver and the conductor over flimpsy issues that can be amicably resolved without chaos. Anyone who tries to arbitrate gets a tongue-blow of his life. Abuse her hijab for misrepresenting Islam, she cares not.

Dear sisters,

As users of Hijab, always bear in mind that what you carry on your head covering your body is an emblem of Islam which should not be infilterated by ill-attitudes. You aren’t perfect though, but should always be mindful of your oral disposition with your parents, husbands, friends at school, work-place and most significantly, in public

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