Truth for the Truth Seekers – Review

Know Islam, Know Paradise

Place: Nigeria 
Publication Date: 2017 
Edition: First 
Pages: 268 
Special Features: 
Price: 1,000 naira
ISBN: 9789783106912
Before reading, I consider: 
Title –
What does it suggest? “Truth for the Truth Seekers”. What is truth? Who are the seekers of truth? Irrespective of your beliefs, Truth Stands out. 
Preface or Introduction –
Here the author Provides important information about his intentions or the scope of the book. I was able to identify his pains, challenges as a young Christian. He shared his worries in the midst of countless claims that truth lies in many religions as claimed by their adherents. Where lies salvation Lukman queries. “God will not reveal the concept of monotheism in a book then polytheism, pantheism, panentheism in others.” Why are we created? Why are we on earth? Lucas didn’t keep his reader in suspense. Right in his introduction, is his conclusion “the only acceptable in God’s sight is the only path to paradise, eternal bliss, Al Islam” 
Table of Contents –
Shows how well organized the book is…there is a gradual progression of his main ideas, well developed (chronologically and topically). His life as a Christian, expose of some Christian’s beliefs like his Chapter 2: Jesus Died for Humanity. Here her perforated the points that Christ came to die for the sins of humanity. In his words, he said that argument or belief is “legless” and that it has no place in the Bible. He gave biblical evidences showing this like Mathew 15: vs 22,23,24 and also Mathew 10:5-6. He was able to show that Jesus was sent not to the world but his own people, the Jews and NOT gentiles. Just only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. 
Other issues addressed in the content are: Jesus, the only Begotten son, Jesus is God, Sharia in the Bible, Who deserves our Worship, Did the Quran copy the Bible? Understanding the Islamic Monotheism, Refuting the Misconception of Allah as an Idol, Miracles of the Quran and others. 
Points to ponder as you read the entire book: 
What’s the general field or genre? Does the book fit?
It does fit the purpose. First the author has experienced the other faith and has tried to also back claims and counter claims with verses from the two books; Quran and the Bible. The theme is not only religious but to rationally argue and show the truth from the perspective of both faiths. 
From what point of view is the book written? Objective? Subjective?
Going by Lukman’s upbringing it will be safe to say he was objective as analytical even empirical. 
Do you agree or disagree with the author’s point of view?
I found it hard to disagree because I checked the passages of both scriptures and found them apt. Quotes were taken as they appeared. 
Author’s style?
Not Formal. Not informal either but just about suitable for the intended audience. Concepts well defined. The language is clear and convincing.
Are the ideas developed? What areas are covered, not covered? How accurate is the information? 
The author’s concluding chapter is misplaced. His arguments about the Christian religion should have ended in chapter 7 before taking the Islamic views which should have had MIRACLES OF THE QURAN as last just after DID PROPHET MUHAMMAD AUTHOR THE QURAN? 
There are no footnotes which I think is important for a piece like this as it would help to easily explain some points, provide important information, clarify or extend points made in the text. 
Include information about the author– reputation, qualifications, etc. — anything relevant to the book and the author’s authority. 
My Opinion 
I love this book. It’s an easy to read and follow for everyone. It can be provocative especially when the truth stares you in the face and you are on the other side. It’s a must have for everyone; seekers of truth. It makes every reader feel like an expert in comparative religion and also gives you the toga of a sheikh. Reminds me of Sheikh Ahmad Deedat of Islamic Propagation International, Durban, South Africa. The book gives me some personal satisfaction that we all can be Ahmad Deedat. We all can be Sheikh Yusuf Adepoju. We can produce many more Lukman Bashir-LuCas Samson. I recommend this book for everyone…just like the hot gospeller, take a copy for yourself and a copy more for a friend.  As Salam Alaikum 
Sulaiman Aledeh

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