Know Islam, Know Paradise


Not a battle of wits 

Not a battle of might 

Nay, a battle at all it’s not  

An assured assurance  

The certain certainty  

The inevitable event  

That which destroys all pleasures,  

The thought of which makest shivers run down the spine rich,

The sanctuary of the oppressed,  

Whether be great, whether be weak,  

Whether be wise, whether be unwise,  

Whether be smart, whether be sluggish,  

Whether be rich, whether be poor,  


O Death, how beautiful thou does carry out justice?  

No one, thou regards not,  

From the streets of Sudan  

To the mansions of Dubai  

To the towers of America  

Everywhere in the universe, thine hand is felt,  

Thy hand which giveth shock to the breast of mankind,  

Thy hand, so cold,  

Thy hand, a manufacturer of pains and tears  

How many great men hast thou taken? 

From the great empire of Rome,  

To the princes of Persia  

 To the Kings of Israel 

The successful merchants of Venice,  

 From them, your hand, you did not withhold,  

They call him the greatest,  

But you took him,  

Indeed, for Indeed He dies not and He shall cause you, O messenger of death to have a taste of the cup of death thou used to pass around
Another Icon is Late, Muhammad Ali, may Allah (SWT) forgive his sins and grant him Jannah… Ameen.

Tell it to the dead, we are coming, we are not in haste yet it could be hastened yet tarried…

It’s amazing how the dead crieth for the dead.


Illa Al-ladhina Amanu wa Amilu As-Salihati, Falahum ajrun ghayru mamnun

… Those who have faith and do righteous deeds, they shall have a reward unfailingly.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (tribute to Muhammad Ali) 

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