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In the 1980s NTA newsline anchored by the late Frank Olizie and Yinka Craig covered a story of a mysterious “image of the Holy Mary” which appeared on the wall of a family and immediately many miracle seeking Christians trooped to the place to start praying to the cross only for NTA to find out later that it was just a reflection of a flower design on the glass of the window of a house not too far away.

Again, In India , some people saw water dripping from the feet of a statue of “Jesus” which they started collecting to drink only to find out later that it was water from a leaking sewage system.

November 2015 , a story was reported by NTA and also aired on radio about a woman who gave birth to a Bible. I went there with Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma and Kamar Oyeniyi, we discovered it is fake as the Bible was said to have been printed in China with MTN number on it and address, 48,Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.

On October 2, The punch published a story about a cross appearing in a mosque in Assakio village, Lafia, Nassarawa state. The headline reads, “CONFUSION OVER STRANGE CROSS SIGHTED IN NASSARAWA MOSQUE” but reading into the article, it says five metres away from the mosque. One might wonder why the headline bore such headline that contrasts what is in the article. This is an act of mischief, an intense to spread propaganda.

The story was being spread and this promoted the trio of Bashir Lucas Samson, Monsur Ojosu and Alhaji Richard Laban. On getting to the village, we met Christians there who were busy praying, rolling on the floor, bringing water in quest for miracles.

I interviewed a Christian and he claimed miracles are happening, blinds are seeing, lames are walking, all diseases are being healed. In 33-36secs of this video, a cripple who must have prayed his life out left the venue out of frustration as his condition wasn’t changed. Worthy to note that, all those who were said to be healed cannot be found.

I thought a good thing as happened to the world. Imagining having a cross that heals all diseases made me optimistic that the likes of Yinka Ayefele can still stand up from the wheelchair, Nabeel Quraish does not need to waste money treating stomach cancer, lots of sick Christians will get out the the hospital, but NO! It doesn’t heal at all AS THERE IS NO SIGN OF A CROSS.

What was said to be a cross was not a cross at all rather it was just some Crack and traces on a floor that was casted. It is also almost invisible. We have seen images of crosses but the drawing on the floor is not a cross at all. I might have had difficulty in explaining how it looks like but thanks to an onlooker who exclaimed, “THE CROSS GET BELLE O” meaning the cross is pregnant. It doesn’t have the shape of a cross and if it is a cross, a 6 year old child cannot be hanged on it not to talk of a 33 yr old man,the drawing does not even carry the image of any man.

As regards what the chief Imam of the central mosque of Assakio, Muhammed Iliyasu was reported to have said, we didn’t meet him but we met the Deputy youth leader who was present when the Imam was interviewed and this is the link to my interview with him pertaining to what the Imam said

One might wonder why there was no video from the scene. No video recording of the imam, of the cross, of the girl that was healed just in an attempt to deceive the gullible ones. The story of the cross is fake, so fake, very very fake.

It was said that the cross brings forth light at night but we were there till night and there was nothing like that. Anyone who contends against this facts should go there and bring something contrary with video recording and also take along sick people who WILL never get healed by praying to cracks on the floor.

Links to the videos we recorded,

We live in a world where journalism is gradually murdered, no longer born out of passion but money. A world where propaganda and lies are on the rise, we cannot but continue to separate the truth from falsehood as falsehood is bound to perish by Nature.

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman reporting for ACADIP NIGERIA… “Uncovering their cover ups”

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