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October 6, 2018 Islamic Poems 0


“Is it giving or taking?”

Above other hands was the hand that gave
In no specific culture or tradition,
The hand that received was always below
Ready to collect whatever is dropped
By the giving hand
The giving hand always had more to give
The receiving hand was always open to get

A twist of fate has caused a change of position
Hands have switched
And places swapped
Names remain and roles continue
Like a stage play, a make-believe
The receiving hand leading the act
Making the world think it’s the giver by being above,
The receiving hand takes from the giver
With the same pose as the giving hand
What would onlookers think?
Is it giving or taking?

Would the fate of the giver really change?
It’s the hand below, but always open;
Open to be taken from
Open, so more enters it
And such is the cycle now
But we won’t forget that
The giving hand is the better hand
As said by the noblest of men.

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