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THE SEARCH FOR FREEDOM By Ummu Ubaidah Penword

October 21, 2018 Self Development Uncategorized 0


I used to think of myself being independent and able to support myself

But the whispers of the past wind, once a terrible gale dancing along my skin;

Feeling cold and almost emotionless, the pain eliminating all other feelings

Amidst the blinding terror coupled with agony, I wonder if I could ever find the freedom I’ve longed for

Even with my determination showing through the terror, I still feel a pit of nervousness building up in me,

Tinged with fear and horror, I can feel the pain erupts vividly, dastardly hurt that spread like wild fire.

I didn’t give up in my search for freedom even when the pain of being confined sometimes compelled me to betray the truth.

Has it starts to grow making an impregnable wall that nobody could surpass, I start to feel better;

Not minding the boom shaking me to my knees like a tiny earthquake

For it seems that I won’t find survival anywhere else, I held on to the walls of my found freedom

Marvelling at the lack of splinters trying to throw out the endless pain

I look in wonder as the pain recedes, retreating back to where it came from.


© Ummu Ubaidah Penword ✍

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