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The Middle Of The Journey

June 8, 2018 Uncategorized 0

THE MIDDLE OF THE JOURNEY By Azeezah Olatunde (Pentalks)

The middle was ennobled by the steadfast heart. The China-ish masjid drop in population not by death nor sickness. The souls just swayed like the breeze swings the trees. Gradually they deteriorated and hijab was embraced with trousers, caps were hugged by galaxy hair cut.

The next time the population increased was on jumah and the imam was so wise that he gave admonition on Istiqamah, the congregation with Nafs Amara began to Waver to the righteous path. It was a quick revolution into the true serene Ramadan has birthed for the Ummah.

The second ten part breeds forgiveness. Our forehead kissed the ground in submission and our lips chanted istigfar as our heart is full of dirt we deeply clean it with constant repentance to Allah.

Though hearts may gave flickered but the remembrance of Allah brought them back to the right path. AlhamduLilah!

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