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In an attempt to further tell the Muslim story, team decided to collect and publish the biographies of old people that have contributed immensely to the growth of Islam. On 26th of April, 2018, some brothers and sisters at went to Saki to interview a Centenarian in the town, Baba Massa.

Baba Massa is an activist, politician and a prolific da’ee based in Saki. He was born into the compound of Eebo Arogunde over a hundred years ago.

Surprisingly, Baba was single handedly raised by his mother who guided him and ensured he had adequate Quran and Islamic education. Baba would have loved to have a western education but the condition of having to change names and religion placed a great restriction.

Determined, he participated financially and intellectually in establishing a school. It was named Baptist primary school. Once again his first child was denied admission into the school on religious grounds.

During Awolowo’s reign, when schools were to be established. Majority of the People of Saki were against the idea, owing to the fact that existing schools offered no good than to convert the rightly guided children into Christianity. However, Baba Massa still determined, persuaded the people of the town and dedicated 3 pieces of Land for the school project.

Being a strong member of Ansarudeen society of Nigeria, He was also among those who established the Ansarudeen secondary school. Saki. With his children as part of the pioneering set.

Interestingly, Baba made mention of a comparator named Rahimi( Abdul Raheem) who struggled so much using comparative Da’wah to sustain Islam in Saki and was jailed. It was exciting to know that people who use comparative methods to call to Islam has long been existing.

The struggle was really tough, but a major lesson was that Baba ensured that the younger generation does not suffer the fate they had to encounter Which is freedom of religion while undergoing the western education.

Meanwhile, The full biography of Alhaji Tijani popularly known as Baba Massa is coming soon. STAY TUNED.

In whispers, Baba is a very generous person, as he even attempted to give us TFC. (Thanks for Coming)

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