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THE LIGHT: FROM SURAH AN-NOOR By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

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Allah is the Light;
Of the heaven and the earth;
(“The Guide of the inhabitants
Of the heaven and the earth
Controlling their affairs and
Their Stars, Sun and the Moon”)

The similitude of His Light;
(In the heart of the believers)
Is as if there were a Niche
And within it a Lamp,
(‘As obedience to Him is light
To those who strictly believe;
In the Qur’ān and the Sunnah”)

The Lamp is in Glass;
(“Shining as the likeness
Of the hearts of the believer”)
The Glass as it were
A Brilliant Star
(“Huge, bright and clear”)


Lit from a blessed tree
An Olive (the blessed tree);
Neither of the east
(“With no sun when sun sets”)
Nor of the west
(“With no sun when sun rises”)

(“But it is in a position
Where it will get sun both
At sunrise; in the morning
And sunset; in the evening”)
Whose oil would almost
Glow forth (of itself)
Though no fire touched it.

Light upon Light;
(“Of belief and Good deeds”)
Allah guides to His Light
Whom He wills
(“Allah shows the way to
The ones whom He chooses”)


And Allah set forth
Parables for mankind
And Allah is All-Knower
Of everything (in the universe)

(This light is found) in houses
Which Allah has allowed
To be exalted and
And that His name shall
Be remembered therein
In the morning
And in the evening (repeatedly).

Men whom neither trade
Nor business diverts from
The remembrance of Allah
(Attending the prayer
and establishing it as
Allah commanded them,
And doing all that Allah as
Enjoined upon them in the prayer.”)
Nor from performing the Salah
Nor from giving the Zakah.


They fear a Day
When hearts and eyes
Will be overturned
(The Day of Resurrection
When people’s hearts and
Eyes will be overturned,
Because of the intensity of
The fear and terror of that Day)

That Allah may reward them
According to the best
Of their deeds
(“They are those from
Whom We shall accept
The best of their deeds and
Overlook their evil deeds.”)

And add even more
For them out of His Grace
(Multiply their good deeds)
For Allah doth provide
For those whom he wills
Without measure.


And to Allah belongs
The sovereignty of
The heaven and the earth
And unto Allah
Is the return (of all).

The only saying of
The true believers
When they are called
To Allah (His words, Qur’ān)
And His messenger (The Sunnah)
To judge between them
Is that they say;
“We hear and we obey.”
And such are the successful
(Abiding forever in Paradise)

And whosoever obey Allah
And His messenger (Muhammad ﷺ)
Fears Allah and
Keeps His duty (to Him)
Such are the successful ones.


Certainly, to Allah belongs
All that is in the heaven
And all that is on the earth
Surely, He knows
Your condition
And (He knows) the day

When they will be
Brought back to Him,
Then He will inform them
Of what they did
And Allah is All (encompassing)
Knower of everything.


Qur’ān 24: (Surah An-Noo, verse; 35-38, 42, 51-52, 64)
IQuran: ( The tranlation of; Muhsin Khan, Yusuf Ali translation, Pickthal, Muhammad Asad translation)
Adopted inference from: Tafsir Ibn Kathir


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