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THE LAST LINE – DON’T CARE By Hassan Ali Ibn Maruphdeen

May 28, 2018 Articles On Islam 0


When I write about Hijab and the covering for Women; they say I’m too critical of them.

When I speak about the Kitaab and Sunnah and the need to revive their teachings; they say I’m becoming ‘Boko-Haramic’.

When I write about Death and the need to get set for it everyday; they say I’m a blunt pessimist.

When I simply stop writing just to have a break; they say oh we have missed your write-ups, please keep writing.

In my quest to find a footing between stopping and moving, I remembered I couldn’t have been able to please everybody.

People would always have something to say. Some will run their mouths others will add their nose.

Thus, I resolved to please none but Allaah!
“Akhee, it doesn’t matter how many persons likes, shares or comments on your status or reminders; so long it is not one of those status that could stamp automatic ticket to Hell, what matters is the message it carries and its conformity with Islaam”.

For a Day is coming we would account for every status updated and every likes, shares and comments made.

May Allaah not make it a doomsday for us. Aameen.

we hereby seek Allaah’s refuge from the temptings of Shaytaan. And also ask that He grants us the perfect understanding of Islaam. Aameen


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