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June 3, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

Rosullulah, Nabiy’yullah,

Brought up as an Orphan,

He began his days on earth as a fair and honest man.

He is the best of mankind,

His face is brighter than the morning wave,

He worked with nothing but Allah as his Aid.

Peace be upon his soul,

The greatest one whose Islam was his only goal,

The one with strong Eeman even when things are going uphill.

The seal of all Prophets,

The finality of the Messengers,

The Intercessor on the Last day.

He is the love emerging from veins of purity,

What an immense goodness he is to mankind,

His arrival chased away darkness and brought upon us light.

He is the glow sent to mankind from our Creator,

Thanks to him we reached certainty,

For being guided by Allah through Abu-l-Qaasim.

He proscribed our ignorance by giving us Islam,

The only acceptable Religion by the Most High

He broke illusion and present us the truth,

Our Muhammad, Our Habeebi.

All he accomplished through suffering and pain,

By Allah’s guidance through you we will abide,

O Muhammad – The Imam of all Prophets!

We love you more than our husband!

We love you more than our wives!

We love you more than our children!

We love you more than our parents and relatives!

May the blessings of Allah be on
our Noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).



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