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THE EPITOME OF PEACE by Halimah Abdullah (HAL-B)

April 16, 2018 Islamic Poems 0


I know peace when I see it,
I know the ease that soothes the soul
When peace knocks at the door.

She is the all perfect epitome of peace,
The noblest of all beings
That breathes tranquility.
She is a priceless gift to humanity.

She is peace.

Understanding her perfection,
Nurtures the greatest intuition.
She is the best in all ramification
Even when fiery men with fists of fury
Try to knock her down
She never touches the ground.
She stands victorious and multiply.
Woe! Betide he that calls her a lie!

She is an epitome of perfection,
An exemplary breath of completion.
She is the priceless gift from the Creator to man.
She is proudly Islam…


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