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THE END TIME By Hassan Ali Ibn Maruphdeen

December 1, 2018 Islamic Poems Uncategorized 0

The end time is nigh, the prime time is high,

We would descend forth to the Sky, with none to dare God and ask Why?

A day all will be naked without being Shy, no room for Lie, no work for KAI, you can confirm this from my SAN called Wendy,

The day is tough enough to make people vomit Pile, as Angels opens all File, the judgment will come and nobody will Die, but to our faith we shall all be Tied…

Its a day of trauma, it could come in winter or summer…

Hell will be hotter than incubator and Warmer, everybody will be judged without the aid of LAWMA,

Sons and daughters shall deny their Mama, its a day we will all be classified as Mammals…

Oh Allah! Spare us from your Trauma, save us from been beating like Drummer…

Yes! Its a day full of Stress, a day that will be devoid of Press,

No cloth with which to Dress, who cares about house Address,

A day God could choose Bless or Vex, as hell will be full of Mess…

Paradise is for me and you i guess…

But! Who doesn’t know the day comes with Pain, it matters not whether You were in Naija or Spain,

There won’t be network for either MTN, Glo , Airtel or 9Mobile, as hell passengers receives strokes of Cain, the pain they feel shall be lengthier than Train,

It doesn’t matter whether your name is Jane, what counts is the faith with which you Train,

Lets watch our Lane, use our Brain,

Pray for paradise that brings peace like Rain,

No one can fly with Jet or Plane, when God decides to unleash its Pain….

Hummm! A day kings and queens will not be called ‘your highness’ there won’t be time for us to play chess, evil doers would be restless.

We would lie on the floor without mattress! May we all see God’s kindness.

Lastly, Yes! It’s a day nothing money can buy, so you and i will have to vie.

A day when you won’t be able to call me your guy! You wont even be able to look into my eye and there’s no time to eat meat pie.

So, lets do good before we die! Did you knot a tie?

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