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THE EARTH SMELLS. By SHEHU, Abdus-Salam Aladodo

April 11, 2019 Islamic Poems 0


The earth smells
of scattered bones
hidden underneath
covered in dust.

Bones of those
who walked the earth
with their shoulders high
and those with bent necks.

The earth smells
of liquor in goblets,
bottles and bowels—
well fed.

The earth smells
of rumpled bedsheets reeking of infidelities
and unchaste activities.

The earth smells
of bloody moments
giving toast to souls—
lost to injustice.

The earth smells
of coins stolen
from public treasuries
and orphans’ sweats.

The earth smells
of dusty scriptures
swept under carpet
for whims and caprices.

The earth smells
of the evils perpetuated
on sea, air and land—
the handiwork of men.

And against all odds,
The earth smells,
of riches
falling from the heaven
after a pregnant sky.

The earth smells
of litanies of the pious ones
beseeching The Most Merciful
to avert us of destruction:

Oh Allah!
Destroy us not
with the shortcomings
of the foolish ones.

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