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July 5, 2018 Articles On Islam 1

It all started like a conversation that conveys the bitter truth, we tell people the stories we want them to believe and sometimes we hate to lie but never detest pretence. Each other way it goes as long as it seems happy with no pinch of sadness, then we’re good to go. 

For instance;

“How are you?”
“AlhamduliLah, I’m fine” with the brightest smile that tint the sun with the darkness of the night. Yes you just lied but could have stop but you go on and rewrite your story in a way your ink spilled no tragedy and in your ignorance you think you are wiser than Al Hakeem (The All Wise). And you continued to regurgitate lies about your financial status. Each night you crawl back home, your room screams proverty and your pots beg for food then you slip (sleep) into the torn blanket of reality.

For instance;

“How are you?”
“AlhamduliLah but” you said with the gloomy face that begs the moon for a dim of light. You didn’t lie nor pretend. You went further to narrate your difficulties and feel only your soul soaks in problem and the rich man that listen to your narration have no problem. The man gives you money to help solve the numerous problem but in the rich man’s heart he gave sadaqah (charity) that he may use as tawassul for Allah to solve his own problems.
That is life, no soul lives with no pain or problems. Each problems are solved through prayers, patience and endurance.
Another instance;

“How are you?”

“I am fine, AlhamduliLah” she said with a smile that looks like half of the full moon. Even after her reply to the questioner she said another AlhamduliLah silently and it echoed in her heart. She praises Allah not because she lives a perfect life but because she has a lot to be grateful for. At least she goes home each day as a widow to receive her healthy three children that attend the Government owned school and in the night they could eat Eba and soup with no meat. Still she was grateful to Allah and never stop praising Him. At least she is not in the hospital, none of her children had been diagnosed with a deadly disease and at least she’s not handicapped which would have circumscribed her ability to work. Then truly AlhamduliLah!

Are we all truly grateful for Allah’s mercy on us or we look up to the rich people so much that we forget some people wish to be in our position. Never look at those higher than you, look at the people in the prison, the people in the hospital, the beggars, the hawkers…and so on, then you will be grateful to Allah.

Or perhaps you feel you can’t be like them because you are best at what you do and you’ve worked hard to earn what you got. Let me remind you that you are living in the mercy of Allah and do not be arrogant so He won’t deprive you from His mercy.

Always be grateful and never stop saying AlhamduliLah sincerely.


© Azeezah Olatunde (PenTalks)

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