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Think of the first night with your beautiful bride, that unforgettable moment you shared together, and as time passed she continued to remain the comfort of your eyes, her compassion and understanding gave you the tranquillity and happiness you much desired. Living like “happily ever after” that whenever she is out of sight it evokes the nostalgic feeling that you want her always by your side.

Have you ever wondered how you would feel if she was snatched away from you not by death but by a strange man whose heart was enraged with hatred and Jealousy, and worst of the matter was that you were beaten, shackled & imprisoned, received inhumane treatment and you continued to endure with no one to save you.

The analogy above is similar to what the Palestinian people are going through; they are bruised and battered despite their land was unjustly taken away from them. The matter became worse that in 1948 marked the exodus of the Palestinian people known as “ Al Nakba” the catastrophe .

“The bride is beautiful but she is married to another man” was reported to have been the remark of Viennese rabbis in 1897, who visited Palestine to investigate its feasibility to set up a Jewish state. The statement was to drive home to the Zionist that Palestine was not an option, because the rabbis understood that Palestine’s spouse was the Palestinian society rooted in her soil, but the Zionist turned a deaf ear and Palestine was their chosen bride!

Some scholars cited that this phrase was a historical fabrication and anti-Zionist myths because of the uncertain origin and not sure of the primary source.

To the intellectual thinking persons the fact still remains that a beautiful bride (Palestine) was grabbed away from her groom (Palestinians) and this past event continues to shape our present.

Professor Beit-Hallahmi wrote in his book “Original Sins: Reflections on the History of Zionism and Israel” that the Prime Minister Golda Meir replied to the phrase by saying: ‘And I thank God every night that the bridegroom was so weak, and the bride could be taken away from him” following a meeting with a group of Israeli writers in 1970.

Has recent events continues to unfold, the bridegroom cannot continue to remain in this disparage state because it was for his weakness that made him lose his bride, so

“Arise O groom and wake up from your slumber and do not be slackened as your long lost beautiful bride awaits you”

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