MCAN, Takum solicits for construction of three rooms building

The Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria, Takum Local Government is soliciting for the construction of three rooms building. This was made known by the Ameer, Adeleke Abdul-Rahman Adeolu, whose PPA is GDSS Army, Takum. According to Abdul-Rahman, the Muslim Corpers in Takum are facing a great challenge. The association does…

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What to expect when a christian apologist confesses

The piece you are about to read are not my words, but a word for word transcribed of an acclaimed Christian Apologist, Simon Barminas. This Christian Apologist was caught in the act! For those that were opportune to witness one of our Ramadan Public lectures held in Abuja, Nigeria, you…

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The Very Many Spiritual Lies and Deceit By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Okay, let us agree to disagree with the omnist that no religion has exclusivity to the truth, that attention should be paid to the common truth and ignore the differences though each claims to be from God yet God is not an author of confusion. Can we pretend to agree…

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The Church and Speaking in Tongues: Glossolalia or Xenolalia By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Previously, we have published papers on the Church and contemporary doctrines. For example, a careful study of Jesus Christ would bring one to the conclusion that Jesus of the Bible is different from Jesus of the Church. Today, let us talk about speaking in tongues, Glossolalia or Xenolalia? Glossolalia In…

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Another Step Taken –

AlhamduliLlah, at, we have taken another step in bringing pristine Islam closer to the people in a world where rationalists, modernists and liberals are the representatives of the Deen in the sight of non-Muslims. Earlier, we stated our intent to make the website available for scholars of the deen…

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When Christians killed over 600 Muslims in"Yelwa Massacre" 2004 by Igho Hakeem Ohwojeheri

“Yelwa Massacre” 2004, . On the 2nd day of May, 2004 and the days that followed, more than 630 Muslims were killed in Yelwa by those who claimed to be Soldiers for Christ. They surrounded Yelwa to ensure nobody escape as the slaughtered the Muslim inhabitants. Majority of the invaders…

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An Admonition to Reverts By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

  I was shocked when I received the messages in the screenshots attached to this article yesterday. Shocked not just because he is a revert but also that, he was among those that hosted me in Abuja when I went to expose the fake cross appearing in a mosque story…

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Cleric does not belong to Muslims but to the Church By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

Anyone conversant with the media should be well acquainted with the fact that the West is really trying to rob Muslims off anything good about Islam then define what they think is bad in Islam, give it their own Islamic title just to give a sense of Islamic association. No…

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