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SIN AND FORGIVENESS By Ummu Ubaidah Penword

October 7, 2018 Islamic Poems Uncategorized 0



The most powerful weapon used by Shaiton

Stay away from it and he will be torn

Sin corrodes all our good deeds

And it makes a contented heart full of greed

Sin is like a disease that is easily contagious

So guide yourself with truth and you will be conspicuous

Stay wary of any crevice around you

For it might be a path to let sin find you

Try not to be a convex and full of fault

There is one thing that can make your sin Alt

Forgiveness !

Seeking for forgiveness should be like a time convalescent

Because it stops you from moving around and spreading the bad scent

Stay away from sin and seek for forgiveness from the All Forgiving!(Allah)

©Ummu Ubaidah Penword ✍

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