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November 2, 2018 Family and Marriage Information Self Development Women 0


I made one step into the kitchen, took severals back in velocity. I couldn’t stay 60 seconds long. Why? The heat therein was at its meridian – hotter than the oven. Staying one second more was like voluntarily asking to be roasted alive. But guess what? The queen was inside enduring the unavoidable, uncontrolable tough time. She had to see the food cooked barring all obstacles. She was utterly hit by the heat. Swimming in her own pool of sweat was a crystal indicator. And as such she stood for hours diving back and forth like a goalkeeper striving to have a grip of the ball.

This is what the wife goes through on a daily basis – in her travail to be responsibly womanly. She makes the husband and the children happy at the expense of her convenience. She sacrifices her comfort to make every member of the progeny comfortable. She nurses the husband like she nurses the toddlers. I cannot but doff my hat for such a special, selfless creature.

While the husband is still outdoor hustling for the legal tender, she would have speedily returned home to resume the stress routine. She rushes up to pick the baby from the nanny (or the creche); goes to pick others from school; and resumes work again in the heat haven.

Simulteneously, she cooks, washes the uniforms, guides the children on their school assignments, cleans up and baths the baby of the house etc. The husband returns home and she welcomes him with warmth – as though she had been idle all day.

The woman, apparently, deserves the best from the man. Her sacrifices suffice a reason to overlook her excesses. The husband should learn how to quadruple the payback. He should do so by spoiling her with all in his capacity.

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