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December 23, 2018 'Aqeedah Articles On Islam Education Information 0


Religious tolerance isn’t about Muslims worshiping with Christians, or Christians participating in Islamic mode of servitude to Allah. Love for the practitioners of other faiths isn’t about celebrating their festivities with them.

Religious tolerance, in a multi-religious society like Nigeria, is simply about worshiping in your own way, and allowing others worship their own way. There should be no deprivation, infringement, disturbance etc.

لكم دينكم وليدين (Let their faith be theirs, and yours be yours)

Participating in the worship or other activities of other faiths doesn’t project you as a liberal person; it rather exposes how weak-faithed you are in your chosen religion.

Practise your religion, and let others practise theirs. Celebrate your festival, and let others do theirs – simple!

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