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Rebuttal to Imam Abiodun’s video titled, “Yusuf Adepoju exposed”

April 8, 2018 Comparative Religion Rebuttals 0

Rebuttal to Imam Abiodun’s video titled, “Yusuf Adepoju exposed”

I was surprised when I was sent the link to a video, “Yusuf Adepoju exposed” by one Imam Abiodun not until I watched the video then realized that our people are here again.

Lies, deceit, mischief, cunning ways are what Christian apologists employ to attack Islam, no thanks to Paul, the Master of evangelical lies.

We can remember that Mario Joseph said he was an IMAM in a PARISH, some call themselves LAM, love a Muslim ministry when all they do is try to misguided Muslims, the so called Imam Abiodun’s organization is also called I.S.L.A.M – International Simple Logic Apologetics Ministry. These people are used to deliberately infuriating Muslims and capitalize on our reacting then blame it on our religion!

Imam Abiodun claimed the book of Zephaniah 3:9 was talking about Jesus. I called him and ordinary Teslim he cannot reply, sadly, he said he does not want to reply being ignorant of the fact that answering the teslim is compulsory.

I added our phone conversation and his argument in this video where the points he raised were scrutinized and a concise analysis of Zephaniah 3:9 was made. Coupled with investigations by Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma, this is an introduction to the death of the ministry of Imam Abiodun, we may as well ask, Where is Simon Barminas, Anthony Fawole, Enoch Jegede, Zephyr Azazel etc


Rebuttal to Imam Abiodun’s video titled, “Yusuf Adepoju exposed”

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