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OUR LOST TREASURE By Fathia & Fauziyyah

March 8, 2019 Articles On Islam 0



What do you know about our lost treasures, they’re the people of golden age with pressures. They surrendered their lives for Islam in everywhere and not only in their enclosures.

For Treasures are meant to be kept with pleasure, just like our heritage is meant to be passed from one stage to another age.

The world of Islam in decades ago has no innovation, Islam was pulled out by extension, elaboration and imitation.

Civilization should be a moral-ethical integration not merely an industrial-technological civilisation.

Fighting with the disbelievers to the extent of making death rattle, engaging in tattle and later requesting a settle.

Going down on ones knees, begging people to please them might be required, the essential is to lend yourself a hand and understand it’s all about morality

Beliefs are meant to start from our heart for better relief.
All Praise to our treasures, for they are splendid creatures

Our treasure! Many of them are no more, in a free world of real war,

many struggle to survive, when we are yet to arrive,

they are our treasure that can’t be forgotten, they are our folks that shouldn’t live for nothing,

and because they made a difference in our little World, we ask God to grant them peace with our little Word…

For these are our blood who are no more, May God grant them eternal peace and much more…



© Fathia & Fauziyyah

{courtesy: word world}

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