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Some weeks ago, I wrote against the local thief, my hatred for jungle justice and some situations when I cannot help but to like jungle justice.

The local thief in this regard is not the one who steals a cup of rice or garri, this local thief is that one who breaks the glass of a car that costs about 40,000 naira just because he wants to steal 10,000 naira from the car.

The local thieves deserve no sympathy because they do not have one themselves. If the local thief comes to me, “give me a gun and I’ll pull the trigger”.

I stopped a bike man this night to take me to my house. He wasn’t even concentrating when I was asking how much then I decided to ask him how much when he drops me. We have not moved far when he said, “Ahn!”

He then started telling me how a lady requested his service and ended up stealing his phone. He took her from Maraba (Ilorin) to her destination. She asked for time and he helped checked on his phone. On getting to her destination, she asked him to take her to High court. As at that time, around 9pm, the high Court area was dark and silent. “I was not scared because I thought what harm would a woman cause?” he said.

On getting to high court, she said the person she wants to see isn’t around and asked to be taken back to Maraba. On getting to Maraba, she crossed to the other side of the road then boarded a taxi immediately (having paid the bike man before). Then, the man discovered his phone was lost.

“I don’t ride motorcycle for a living, I sell spare parts. I only do this because things are difficult. That phone has all my contacts in it, why did I use this motorcycle for commercial purpose today?” he lamented.

“I am going home after dropping you. I don’t get myself, I am not myself… Ah, my phone, oh, my contacts!! A lady??!! Argh!! “, He kept exclaiming.


The local thief is worse than the polythievians or politicians . While the polythievians make you take home 50 naira instead of 100 naira at the end of the month, the local thief comes to take the 50 naira you have planned on.

The polythievians make the life of an average citizen and the local thief miserable. While the average citizen looks for ways to make ends meet though subjected to the same low/poor standard of living, the local thief comes to make the miserable life of an average citizen miserably miserable with his/her own miserable life.

I made this video on Jungle Justice and the local thief https://youtu.be/WQO6LHokGWw

I rest my case.

Bashir LuCas Samson Lukman

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