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The issue of feminism is no longer a news news compared to meninism. Meninists also clamour for equality amongst men and women, some satirically claiming to be oppressed while others refrain from having any relationship with women.

On Facebook, I met Nkechi Bianze, an ardent campaigner for feminism. I submitted an article I wrote on feminism, equality and equity to her, after that, I was blocked.

Issues like these couldn’t have been bothering if not that Muslims especially our sisters are becoming victims of Feminism. While some have become a direct or indirect campaigner for it, some directly or indirectly request for it.

You cannot say women and men are equal, should be granted equal rights then go on to say Prophet Muhammad said, “The best of you is he who is best to their wives”, this couldn’t have been more paradoxical.

If the society infringes on the rights of a man or woman, bringing Islam into it depicts the lowest knowledge of Islam. If your grandmother sings the praises of your brother more than yours, how does Islam come into the picture.

All fingers are not equal, yet they have their duties. By nature, we are my equal. Different tone zones etc. A man cannot become pregnant neither can a woman impregnate.

Men have duties to and rights over women and vice versa. EQUITY not EQUALITY. This is what Islam teaches and it is a solution to the menace in our society today.

If Dr Ijabla Raymond, A secular humanist asking for equality could agree with my submission on EQUITY against EQUALITY, then we can keep telling them perhaps they will listen…

Tell them, let them know…

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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