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Of Islam and Fundamentalism By Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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A brother called those who opposed his idea of going to the Masjid and participating in Masquerade festivals fundamentalists. What does it mean to be a fundamentalist?

Today, when people accuse someone of being a fundamentalist, they either mean an extremist or own who takes religion seriously.

Anyone conscious Muslim should be proud if called a fundamentalist as the fundamental basis of Islam has no association with extremism and if anything should be taken seriously, it is one’s Deen.

The non-Muslim that accuses a Muslim is one that probably does not understand Islam, thinks it endorses terrorism and blames fundamental Islam for a certain crime or found so many laws and rules embarrassing in his own religious scripture that he discards it embracing the contemporary way of life even if it conflicts with his religion.

On the other hand, the Muslim that accuses another Muslim of being a fundamentalist only displays a compound complex ignorance. This is because he should know that Islam does not support terrorism (if his idea of fundamentalist is to be an extremist. If sticking to Polygyny, no free mixing, keeping the beards, not worshiping other deities makes him call one a fundamentalist, then it is safe to say that he is pathetically unserious because if he knows his religion too well, he should be a fundamentalist too.

What the world still does not understand is why Muslims want to obey all aspects of the Qur’an in the 21st century which is not in other religions.

A true fundamentalist in Christianity needs to turn the other cheek if slapped (Matthew 5:32), not divorce and should not marry a divorced man or woman (Matthew 5:46 and Luke 16:18), pray and not curse his enemies and a true Christian nation should have no court, no judge as he who is sinless should first point fingers at a sinner… “Judge not lest ye be Judged”.


Those who decide to uphold pristine Islam and aim to live by it believe by there is no better manual on how to live in this world except the words from the creator in the Qur’an. As the creator does not change so does His words (laws and rules) never at a time become preposterous for he knows and see all, the past and the future unlike man.



Fundamentalism in Islam is that you practise your religion and let others practise theirs. If Islam says there is only one God worthy of worship and you, in the name of love, respect and liberalism go to church to worship Jesus, which Islam are you practising? Same goes for non-Muslims practising more than one religion yet claim to have just one. In Nigeria, we have some that are Tradichrislamic! The concept of religious respect in Islam is that of peace and understanding not hypocrisy and delusion.


A fundamentalist in Islam believes killing a soul unjustly is like he has killed the whole of mankind and saving a soul is likened to saving all of mankind. He cares for the orphan, feeds the hungry, honours the poor, marry one wife and at max, four. He forbids usury, does drink alcohol, grants justice even to the unbeliever, not racist, not ethno-centric as he believes we are all from Adam and piety determines who is beloved to God not colour nor race…etc…


If being a fundamental Muslim hurts anyone, one’s knowledge of Islam needs to be checked Muslim or non-Muslim.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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