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NURTURE FOR FUTURE ADVENTURE (NFA) By Abu Maryam Ibn Is’haq (Abumaribi)

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The piece begin in the name of Allah, the Creator of all Creatures,

Who crowned Islam to be the perfect and the acme of all Culture,

And Muhammad (ﷺ) as its caller, and bestowed with Great Stature,

To serve as the Bringer of Glad Tidings and a Warner to all Creatures,

With the Qur’ân as a guidance for all those that seek it for Sure,

And a healing for the body and soul for those that seek it for Cure,

He made knowledge of him known to us so that we can be Assured,

To know that life is temporal, and only those that believed are Insured,

And those that follow belief with righteousness, is a place that is Secure,

Jannah, the place of abode wherein there is comfort and Pleasure,

In the saying of Muhammad (ﷺ) we know of the basic Islamic Figures,

That knowledge is one, to be acquired as the means for good Composure,

Essential that knowledge is an asset that human being is expected to Capture,

As necessary as it is, for it might be corrupt asset if it’s not properly Nurtured,

Nurturing which should occur at early age in life before one became Mature,

And for it to be a beneficial one, it require one to have a good Structure,

So as to be among the companions that act with meaningful Posture,

For beneficial knowledge will guide the acquirers in their entire Future,

This we should engage in before a time when there will be no Rapport,

For the time of this life is too short and our living is in line with Nature,

And it might not be too long before our departure on this earth Occur,

Every duty and obligation in Islam is a demand that we need to Concur,

That we may be classified among the best people whose deeds are Pure,

I wish the piece could continue in the manner that depict an Adventure,

But as limited as the words of man is, this point has to be the Closure,

And from the Qur’ân and the Hadith contain the best insight for Nurture.


“Nurture what you Capture (of beneficial knowledge) before a time when the Nature will Occur and you become Mature without meaningful Future. This you should Ensure that you Insure, so as to be sure of being Assured, for that will make you Secure of being Cured from an impure Culture. That you may live your life in Composure, that is full of Adventure. And to attain the Garden of Pleasure, a reward from the Creator of all Creatures.” (AbdulKabir, 2018)


Wa’Llahu Aalam!


May Allah’s Rahmah (Infinite Mercy) continue to shower on the readers. Amîn!


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