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In reference to the saying of the Noble Prophet (ﷺ): “the blessed Nikkah is the one that requires least expenses“. That is to say one need not waste excess resources in the name of celebrating a Nikkah; as it is a noted fact that excessiveness is not permitted in Islam. Where one is supposed to fulfil the rite of the religion in a moderate and recommended way as stated by the Noble Prophet (ﷺ); such plan refused to be a vital consideration in the days where religious rites is mixed with traditional culture.

In the era that falsehood is diluted with truth; bad people with good people; indecency with righteousness, corruption with integrity etc. It is hard and mostly unavoidable for one to curb some unnecessary actions that will hinder the celebration of what is supposed to be the half of one’s Deen. This is because, courtesy demands that relatives, friends, and well wishers be treated well and with good wordings, in order to avoid bad reputation that may stain one personality.
As a personality that don’t like popularity and familiarity, but love uniquity and formality of plan and action; allowing traditional culture and unislamic act on the Nikkah (marriage) day is nowhere to be found in the personal dictionary of life drama and as such, allowing it at the inception of the bedrock of what will build the generation to come is tantamount to a detestable act.


Since publicity is part of the recommendations of Nikkah, that will also be done but not to the extent of allowing the participants to indulge in financial, transport, timeliness trouble etc. Welcoming people from different part of the world to help felicitate on the Nikkah day is an interesting and good adventure for people to undertake, as a joyous religious ceremony that foster the union of one family with the other. People need not bother themselves traveling around with the risk involved. A virtual event may be opened for people to participate at the comfort of their bedroom. All the couple want is their wishes, prayer, and probably gift (no worries, it can be sent through shipping).

The real deal which is the physical one will just be attended by few required people ( from nuclear family, with one or two friends, and religious leader to officiate the Nikkah); according to the requirements and standard set for Nikkah in Islam. The other family members (Nuclear and extended), friends, friends of friends, and the well wishers may join the celebration via Social Media at their comfort. The virtual life is to enhance our living standard and making use of it in the right way will facilitate things, and not make life complicated.
Complaints, criticism, condemnation is highly welcomed from people that may feel the arrangement is not proper. There won’t be any concern to be moved by people’s reaction, inasmuch as it’s well known that satisfying people’s wish is not part of Nikkah (Marriage) requirements. Badmouthing is allowed at the expense of the propagators’ good deeds.

“It is a detestable idea to indulge in excess because of desire, when it is a recommended and more rewarding act to spend on the needy”. If we contemplate on why Sadaqa (Voluntary charity) and Zakat (Obligatory charity) is enjoined on the believers, we will realised how important utilization of resources is valued in Islam. “Allah do not burden a soul beyond what it can bear” is a reminder from the Glorious book. It is not a requirements to save wealth for what is unnecessary in a ceremony that is supposed to last for few hours of the day, when there are other avenue that that the wealth can be used for.

Mankind may plan whatever they think to be proper for their lifestyle and it may be fulfilled by the permission of the Creator. The religion has not recommended that the culture and the common trend of the locality be considered in officiating the Nikkah plan. Some will want to fulfil the wish of the society, so much that they ended up mixing the obligation with the prohibition. Muslims need not go into financial distress in the interest of keeping people happy at the time of fulfilling the religious obligation. Is it not written in the Book of Wisdom that:
Let the rich man spend according to his means, and the man whose resources are restricted, let him spend according to what Allah has given him. Allah puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him. Allah will grant after hardship, ease.” [Surah At-Talaq, 65:7]

Was-Salāmun Alaykum Wa-RahmatuLlahi Wa-Barakatuh!


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