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My Hijab, My Right

February 1, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

My Hijab, My Right

They say I’m covered

Because I’m forced by my husband

But I’m not even married

So why should I be worried

For Allah’s commandments I’m obeying

The true message of Allah I’m conveying

Hijab is my identity

And it doesn’t make me a nonentity

It shields me from shame

Obstructs any form of shameful fame

Oh! You Muslimah

Do not be tamed by this worldly life

Because in the waste of time

Lies the sourness of the lime

Head to toe covered on a summer day

The difference between you and I

Is that I don’t put myself on display

I’d rather be judged by the things I do and say

Not for the shape of my body

Or colour of my skin

I had no say in the body Allah put me in

But I do have a choice on the way i want to be viewed

The reason I chose modesty over nudity


✍ : Penword & Penworth

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