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My Friend Reporter (Spoken Words)

March 21, 2018 Articles On Islam Middle east Murder News News on Islam 0

My Friend Reporter (Spoken Words)

One thing being used against Islam today is the media. Oppressions against Muslims do not make the headlines. How people have to die in Syria before they report it as news?

How many Amasa Firdaus should exist before they report hate crime as news?

How many deaths do we need to record in Myanmar before people need to stand with them just like they do to the three deaths in Paris?

How many people does a white guy needs to kill before he’s called a terrorist or till he bears Ahmad, Bashir or that till he claims to be Arab?

It is 2018, can we stop blaming the media and tell our own story?

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My Friend Reporter (Spoken Words)


Voice : Brother Sobur
Edited by : Lucas Bashir

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