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MORE THAN JUST A FRIEND By Ummu Ubaidah Penword

November 10, 2018 Islamic Poems 0


Like the beautiful blue sea you flow in my DIRECTION

With your movement like a wave you caught my ATTENTION

Though I live in a world of my own like am in a DETENTION

But just like a brisk fall day you pushed me into STIMULATION

Even though our invigoration has its very own LIMIT

Our friendship is nevertheless LEGIT

You were always persistent in your teachings and never left my SIDE

Somewhere special in my heart is where you will always RESIDE

Your closeness brings my feet firm upon ISLAM

And it showed me the true form of SALAM

It saddens my heart to know you are no MORE

Leaving me in a state of full REMORSE

I will never stop praying for Allah’s mercy on YOU

For YOU are the real definition of Friendship

Yes! What we share is more than just a friend

So I hope our relationship will continue in Jannah

Be that kind of friend……!


© Ummu Ubaidah Penword ✍

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