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LOVE FOR SUICIDE By Sanni Kay. Yusuf

November 1, 2018 News Rebuttals Science and Technology Uncategorized 0


Till our studentship elapsed and First Degree bagged more than a decade ago, we were deeply involved in activism – campus politics (a microcosm of the larger society). And in spite of the conspicuous legibility and readability of religiosity in our disposition, we would play the forward in aluta.

The spirit was such that we would clampdown on the school management (not minding the age and status of the VC) at the slightest human right deprivation or disenfranchisement. May Allah forgive us. Even on matters that could be conclusively, gentlemanly ended on a round-table, we would spark, spit fire and roar like murderous lions. Youthful exorberance. Immaturity. Insensitivity. Sometimes, hoodlums would seize the opportunity to display their craze and school property vandalised.

We were so damning that the intervention of the police was usually no cause for panic. We were so fearless that we’d had to face them, not minding the firearms they had on their arms. They would threaten to gun us down, and we would dare them to do their worse. Effrontery. Guts. But you know what, we dare not try such with the fearful men in green – the gallant warriors of the nation. If you ran for the police, you were a coward. We would call such a person a ‘come-and-raid’, not a comrade. But if you ran (for your dear life) for soldiers, you were a smart, clever guy. Mo’ja mo’sa la n mo akinkanju lo’ju ogun… Facing the men in green was considered a suicide mission, unlike the way we would dare the ones in black.

Honestly, what is wrong with the shii’te boys is one mystery I may never understand. Facing the nation’s warriors who are trained to kill keeps my thought on the belief that there is some stuff those suicide lovers sniff. If not, how would they, in their widest imagination, think that people legitimately licensed to kill would pat them on the back for confronting and stoning them to injury? How possible?

Of all their encounters with men of the Nigerian army, which one had been to their favour? None. Rather, they had consistently lost to the opposition. If they are tired of life, why not try out a poisonous substance and die at the comfort zones of their abodes than voluntarily subject themselves to stiffer deaths from the hands of the mercifully merciless? Shouldn’t they have learned from the carnage that happened in Kaduna where scores of them were wasted to sporadic shooting? The Nigerian army counted casualties in tens, they counted in hundreds. Wasn’t that enough a lesson for caution?

Clamour for justice by revolt, especially against leaders, will birth nothing but anarchy, bloodbath etc. No matter how good your case is, and how despotic the leader is, you’ve got to tread with caution. No matter the pain, standing tall against leadership will rather inflict more pain.

I prayerfully hope that the last one would be the last. And I hope they would no more war the warriors.

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