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LOST AND FORGOTTEN!! By Penworth & Penword

April 20, 2018 Islamic Poems 0

LOST AND FORGOTTEN!! By Penworth & Penword

Do we even Care!!

Why don’t we just listen and Hear!

It keeps calling out to Us

But we pretend and show no Remorse

Busy with how tone our skin must Look

And how soft it must feel when Touched

Yet, we overlook the real us, longing to
get our Attention

Eventually when the time comes for it
to Go

We feel the pains and wish not to Forgo

Seeing it in its true form; We reach out
to it but it’s already too Late


Lost but can still be found

Forgotten but can still be remembered

Just before the inevitable takes it

Cherish!! Nurture!!and take Care of it!!

For The Soul is the reality of our Being.



© Penworth & Penword ✍

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