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October 18, 2018 Murder News News on Islam Science and Technology Uncategorized Women 0

Hauwa, for you,

Our tears have become villians

Because they betray the agony

That wrenches our hearts;

Let our tears mirror the pains we feel
from your death,

From hope dangling lifeless on a red cross as a pendulum bulb

From the Sun closing its eyelids as life,

From your name orbiting our hearts like celestial bodies after your death, but never before,

From watching a mother carry her baby for nine months just to watch her die,

Let our tears mirror our pains

And we will have to teach our children

To swim before they walk because this city will be flooded with tears.

Yours is a body carried as the carcass of a whole nation,

Forgive, that for you

We are yet to raise our hands in solitariness with God

Toask for Jannah,

It is our way of telling you that if our tears mirror our pains,

There would be enough to wash in the Sahara when the Muazzin calls to prayer.

Forgive, that we cannot ask more than Jannah for one who dies saving one,
saving the world.


© Lan Rey Hassan


“And if anyone saved a life, it would be
as if had saved the life of all mankind” – The Holy Quran, 5:32.


Life may wave death for your killers, and if it doesn’t, the pain they suffer does not affect you in the grave, the only thing that kills what kills you and gets to you is our prayers. We ask Allah to make you of the dwellers of Jannah.


Good Bye “Hauwa Liman”!


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