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November 26, 2018 Information News News on Islam 0


November 22 2018, reports: “A Chinese city has ordered members of a Muslim minority group to turn themselves in to authorities if they observe practices such as abstention from alcohol.”

“Hami city government in the far-western Xinjiang region said people “poisoned by extremism, terrorism and separatism” would be treated leniently if they surrendered within the next 30 days.”

Like thunder, the news struck, and responsively, the first question that came to mind was: “Muslims weaned of the right to nurse beliefs as harmless as that against the legitimacy of alcohol in an atheist country?”

The recent orders given by the Chinese government- a government that prides itself as: atheist and communist – could be correctly deemed the height of intolerance; the biggest accusation any non-Muslim would lay against Islamic laws. Search this up on Google: “Reasons I shouldn’t convert to Islam”, and the first result would most probably be the same question asked on Quora a few months ago, under which the first reply could be summarized as follows: “Islam is intolerant of other views and being Muslim automatically infects you with a disease as deadly as racism: islamo-supremacy; which makes you feel all other laws should be subdued for Islamic ones.”

Truly, if you’re Muslim and learned, the claim is not far from the truth. But with a burgeoning number of atheists claiming religion is the bane of our societies and the force behind separatism, we expected much better from the first shot atheists would have at governing a country: China.
But has it been any better?

Reviewing what makes others accuse Islam of intolerance, it basically boils down to the restrictions Islam places on Non-Muslims under Islamic rule by giving them one of three options:
1) Become Muslims and have full rights.
2)Don’t renounce your religion and pay taxes (only for the men), abide by the outlines of The Islamic constitution and you’ll have full protection of your blood, money and religion. But, practicing your religion has to be silent; go to churches, but never call publicly to that.
3) Leave the country.
Pretty harsh right?
Well, atheists have always said the same. But let’s review the options China, an atheist country- affords Muslims.

1) Muslims have to pay taxes just as in Islamic law.
2) Muslims have to follow The Chinese Constitution.
3)Muslims can neither practice (read the Quran) nor call to Islam publicly.

So why all the fuss?
But what’s worse? In China, there’s one more restriction which makes being a theist under atheist rule worse than being a non-Muslim under Muslim rule: You don’t even have the freedom to believe athwart what they deem moral and acceptable. China is persecuting Muslims for believing, highlight: BELEIVING that alcohol is wrong.
Not only does that hinder their freedom to believe what they want but it also takes them a step above Islam on the intolerance table, because, while Islam affords the freedom to believe what you want, (just don’t call to it publicly), atheists are imposing their beliefs upon Muslims. Beliefs as harmless as that against the legitimacy of alcohol.

One might argue though, that Islam is a dangerous religion and hence, China has to take extreme steps to ensure it’s being kept under guard.
Countering that, we say:
1) Islam is not the only religion being persecuted by the atheist government of China.
2) China has been free of Islamic extremists’ acts such as suicide bombing and all, but China’s fear has to do with what is in the Quran (and is yet to be acted out by Muslims).
If the fact that the Quran contains extreme laws (which in reality, it doesn’t) makes it acceptable for China to restrict the freedom of Muslims from believing what they wish, then we say: Why then don’t Muslims have the right to do the same to Christians whose Bible contains even more cruel laws, and atheists who are showing more hostility to Islam than Islam would, to non-Muslims?

China has proved beyond doubt, that the freedom we seek certainly would not come from mere atheism, while intolerance is not a problem of Islam, as atheist intolerance is even worse.

© Lan Rey Hassan

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