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Knowledge and women in islam

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Knowledge and women education in Islam.

By: Elemosho Habeeb.

The historical development of the world regarding arts and sciences would seems insignificant/ lagging without necessarily making reference to muslim scholarship, this is so, as a result of their urge contributions to their development.
To start with, it is pertinent to mention that the concept of knowledge cannot be jettison from human endeavor be it in Islam or other movement. Islam is a religion built upon moral disposition and knowledge which recurse cannot be made to ones intellect for its administration. The fact is not farfetched which is obvious and attainable in all ramifications of Islamic teachings and injunctions.
Man is a vicegerent of Allah, endowed with intellect, his perfection is to seek for knowledge and his duty is acquisition of knowledge, thus, he shouldn’t be blinded by faith or religion dogmas.
The importance of knowledge cannot be overemphasised in the religion of Islam, the first five verses of the glorious Qur’an hangs upon knowledge which is an important tools against ignorality, immortality and indecency also, a verse of the glorious Qur’an enjoins the prophet to seek for increase in knowledge. One of the attribute of Allah is (Al-Aleem) and it is based on the knowledge of man that raised him high above other creations of Allah, this is underscored by what transcend between prophet Adam and the angels of Allah as recorded in Qur’an 2 verse 30.
In furtherance to the above, Allah encourages all and sundry to embark on the knowledge of devotional instructions before claiming to be devoted to Him, of which is evident in hadith qudusi, from the understanding of the narration, it explicate that knowledge suffix any action and a desirable outcome hangs upon an effective knowledge.which variably implies that Allah had equipped all the prophets with the best of knowledge and understanding prior to their prophetic mission.

Many narrations of the prophet replete this, pointing to the significance of knowledge and it acquisition, among which is the sayings that:
“Whoever set out to acquire knowledge is on the path of Allah untill he returns”.
“Seek for knowledge from cradle till grave”.
It has already been established that knowledge is important and paramount for an effective and serene society, and Islam is a religion which has to be learned and practiced by every believing man and woman. Thus, ignorance is a disease that affect all and sundry which doesn’t know gender.

Islam being a religion built upon knowledge encourages women to be educated in the religion and all other beneficial field of learning which they’re capable of attaining. Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon all Muslims regardless of their gender status. The prophet was reported to have said:
” knowledge acquisition is obligatory upon all Muslims”
Drawing from the aforementioned hadith, Islam doesn’t however discriminate between men and women regarding the acquisition of knowledge, just as men are enjoined to seek for knowledge, women are also encouraged to. And since all Islamic activities/duties involves knowledge therefore, women have to be well equipped for the performance of their religious obligations and duties such as salat, fasting, hajj etc.

There are various word of encouragement and honour from the prophet that advocate for women education, at the same time serve as a gateway for earning the Paradise. The prophet said:
“Whoever is blessed with a female child and gave her a sound education and offer her a marriage, shall enter Paradise”.
Also the prophet said: ” He who educate/train a female child, train a nation”.

During the lives of the prophet, he set aside a day for women education, so they could attend circles of religious instruction.
Abu sai’d Al-khudri reported: A woman came to the messenger of Allah and said ” o messenger of Allah, the men only benefit from your speech, so make a day for us when we can come to you and you teach us what Allah taught you”. The prophet said: “gather on a certain day at a certain place”.
The prophet used to teach his daughters about Islam and the attributes of Allah.
Abdulhameed reported: His mother served some of the daughters of the prophet and she told him the prophet teach his daughter, saying:
Say in the morning: sanctity and praise be to Allah, there is no power except in Allah, what Allah wills shall come to pass and what he wish not, shall come not to pass, I know that Allah has power over all things and he comprehends everything with knowledge.

There are many learned scholars among the women in the history of Islam, from the earlier generation up to the contemporary time of ours. These women are considered as scholars and they should be seen as role model because they’ve strived to fulfill the religious instruction since it command them to seek for knowledge and to value education regardless of gender.

Some notable of them are:
AISHAH, who memorised the glorious Qur’an and reported 2,210 hadith and she was considered to be among the fuqaha during the time of the companions.
Abu musa reported: whenever we encounter new problem( we companions of the prophet) except we would ask A’ishat and find with her some knowledge concerning it.
The prophet used to direct the women to A’ishah for answer to their sensitive questions, she’s equally vast in knowledge of fiqh and mirath.
Ummu salamah also memorized the glorious Qur’an and reported 378 hadith.
Asmau bnt Abubakr was also a notable female scholars who was vast in the knowledge of hadith.

Mu’adhah Al-Adawiyyah

Amrah bnt Abdur-Rahman.

Hafsa bnt sireensireen

A’isha bint Abubakr (RA)
Umm atiyyah among others were among the women scholars of the early generation of Islam.
In our contemporary time, we have some distinctive personality who exercises high level of scholastic competence in the field of Islamic studies.

The discourse above, shows the extent at which women education/seeking of knowledge is paramount, therefore, non-relegation and untired effort have to be put in place towards realising an effective education.
It is thus imperative, if a nation wishes to succeed and move towards a sustainable reality, the women of that society must be given every opportunity to attain knowledge and education which is not only her due but a right that has been ordained to her by Allah.

Habeeb Elemosho

Umm Anas bint Yakub @

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