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Know the “Radical Pastor?”

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Know the “Radical Pastor?”

Being a revert myself, the story of reverts is what I can spend ours listening to! These are people we share the same thoughts, used to be in the same shoe! The same stage of confusion leading to a moment of decision! Praise be to Allah, He who guides whoever He wills!!!

Former Pastor Joseph Awosina a.k.a Radical Pastor embraced Islam in 2014. As a pastor, he used to head five churches till he started question some contradictions, errors and discrepancies in the Bible.

As I put it in my book, People who understand Christianity, know and study the concept of trinity, blood atonement, compilation of the Bible can never be good Christians. They become skeptical and curious. The only thing that keeps them in church is fear of being tagged and what they receive from the church!

As I put it, it is difficult for people like this to leave Christianity, imagine tithe not coming again. Except for the guidance of Allah leading one to choose the Akhirah over the Dunya.

AlhamduliLlah, Pastor Joseph chose the truth over falsehood. In this interview with Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman, he talked about his background, his beginning as a pastor, when he started to question the faith, why he choose Islam, the challenges and others!


Lucas Bashir interviews Former Pastor Joseph Awosina now Nurudeen

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