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This section contains the errors, mistakes and contradictions of the Biblical
Text that are in addition to the ones discussed previously.

Error No. 1

It is stated in the Book of Exodus that the period that the Israelites stayed in
Egypt was 430 years, which is wrong. The period was 215 years 147. This error
is admitted by the historians and the biblical commentators.

Error No. 2

It appears in the Book of Numbers that the total number of the Israelites,
who were 20 years of age or over, was six hundred thousand, while all the males
and females of the Levites and the women and children of all the other tribes are
not included in this number. This statement is highly exaggerated and

Error No. 3

The statement of Deuteronomy 23:2, “A bastard shall not enter into the
congregation of the Lord…” is wrong, as has already been discussed in Part

Error No. 4

In Genesis 46:15 the phrase “thirty and three” is certainly wrong, thirty four
is the correct number. The details of this error have been given in part one under
the tenth argument on page twenty seven.

Error No. 5

I Samuel contains this statement ”…fifty thousand, three score and ten men
148.”. The number fifty thousand in this verse is wrong as will be discussed


Error No. 6 and 7

2 Samuel 15:7 contains the words “forty years” and in the next verse of the
same chapter the name “Geshur” is mentioned. Both are wrong. The correct
words are “four years” and “Adom” respectively.

Error No. 8

It is stated in 2 Chronicles:
“And the porch that was on the front of the house, the length of it was
according to the breadth of the house, twenty cubits, and height was a
hundred and twenty 149.”
This is an exaggerated and erroneous account of the height. According to 1
Kings the height of the porch was thirty cubits 150. Adam Clarke in volume 2
of his commentary expressly admitted the error in this statement and said that
the height was twenty cubits.

Error No. 9

The Book of Joshua, describing the borders of the land given to the children
of Benjamin, states:
“And the border was drawn thence and compassed the corner of the sea
southward 151.”
The word “sea” in this statement is wrong as there was no sea near their
land. The commentators D’Oyby and Richardment acknowledged this fact and
said, that the Hebrew word which was translated as “sea” actually signified

Error No. 10

In Chapter 19 of the Book of Joshua, under the description of the borders of
Naphtali, we read:
“And reacheth to Asher on the west side and to Judah upon Jordan toward
the sun rising 152.”


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