They call it independence,
And I begin to wonder in sense;
‘Independence or In-dependence?
We cannot pretend to be indifference,
While we have amidst us; many difference.

Where some of us rejoice in Multitude
And the others endure with Fortitude.
Many rich live and boast in Plentitude
And forget to share with the Destitute.
But Allah is the All-Bestower of Plenitude.

Glad tidings to those that live in Destitute;
Something better awaits you in Substitute.
Strengthen your belief with Gratitude
And your deeds accompany by nice Attitude.
The promise which awaits you is Certitude.
Jannah; a place with no equal Similitude


It’s not funny, we live in a Nation
Where the common term is Corruption
And many of us wallow in the same Notion
Good Citizens try to make good Selection
But the bad ones counter it in the Election

Nothing to write home about the Constitution,
As it’s already idle in its supposed Operation.
We claimed to be free from any Domination,
But we are still faced by internal Oppression.
One religion bully the other in desperation.

The religious leaders fear their Reputations.
So they couldn’t give a warning Admonition
To the high in rank in our prestigious Nation.
So many ended up hiding under Supposition
Because they do not want to end in Detention.


The poor has no access to quality Education,
Due to the country incapable Institutions.
The reason many people ended up in Frustration
Because their resources is met by limitation.
So, they have to vie for low-pay Occupation.

Many wealthy ones live in Confederation.
The rich marry the rich; the poor in Isolation.
Caliber is the common affair of the Federation.
Merit is no more common for job Application,
All you hear is; you need to have Connection.
How about the needy without any big Relation?

The economy battle with Inflation.
Though we have resources for Production
But the resources are met with non-utilization
And the greediness of the potent reverse the motion;
Relegated to reliance on mono-production.
So we ended up being on regular Importation.


To the politician of the Nation;
If you but try to make reflection
On the reason you are in that position;
That you are just there for representation
So that you can make a good decision
For the citizens of your esteemed Nation.

Do take this heeding advice in Consideration
That you are there to make good Resolution,
Which is to fulfill the masses Obligations
And remember you are to face Retribution
For every action of good and bad Intention
The requital of which there is no Opposition
As we will all face the divine Justification.

So, we should all make good Contributions
In our dealing in whatever of life position
Drawing nearer, is the day of Resurrection
Dunya is only a walk part to our Destination.
The Ākhirah is the place we make our Continuation.


Our Lord, save us from Your Retribution! Āmīn!


كَلَّا إِنَّهُ تَذْكِرَةٌ

Nay, verily, this (Quran) is an admonition,

فَمَن شَاءَ ذَكَرَهُ

So whosoever will (let him read it), and receive admonition (from it)!
(Qur’ān 74:54)

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