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If Prophet Muhammad (SAW),

* Changed water to wine

* Was mercilessly beaten, disgraced and embarrassed

* is being called Prince of peace yet claimed not to have brought peace but a sword

* Didn’t overcome his enemies rather his enemies were said to have crucified him

* Destroyed a fig tree that was not due to bear fruit in the name of miracle instead of commanding fruit on it

* Didn’t tell his followers how to perform naming and burial rites, how to share properties, how to protect the rights of orphans and the poor etc…

* Claimed to have been son of God and he had been with his father from time immemorial but couldn’t caution his father not to kill his enemies only to come preach against killing one’s enemies on earth

* Claims his father is powerful and Merciful yet still needs to kill his only begotten son

* Calls previous prophets before him thieves and robbers

* Rude to his mother

* had followers that claim he is our Lord and personal saviour but couldn’t explain where he was when Noah was the only righteous person on earth hence saving us from extinction


If Jesus of the Bible;

* Ordered his followers to worship God with sincere devotion

* Taught that God is one, associate no partner with HIM and shun idols

* Enjoined doing good and forbidding evil

* Gained victory over his enemies

* Explained to his followers all things they need to do in line with his teachings

* Ordered his disciples to believe in the prophets before him

* Enjoined his followers to respect a prophet and his mother whom his followers says He is preaching against

* prescribed a unified mode of worship for his followers

* received a revelation that enjoins us not to bow to the moon, sun and the stars;

The Christians will tag the former as a perfect example for Mankind, Prince of peace, Lord and personal saviour While the latter is going to be called a demon’s messenger with devilish revelation, not meant to be followed.


This is a sarcastic attempt to understanding the ironic beliefs of Christians as well as an ATOMIC SPIRITO SURGICAL WEAPONISTIC BIOLOGICAL INTELLECTUALISED TALISMANTIC OPERATIONAL LOCOMOTIVE KILLER to those who come to our doorsteps to say “Jesus is Lord” (grammar credit: Ustadh Adepoju Yusuf Acadip)

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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