I and You

Know Islam, Know Paradise

I know I might be shot during a bank robbery then die

It may happen that I may slip in the bathroom, hit my head against the wall then die,

It may be that I may want to cross to the other side of the road  then get hit by a car, then die,

It may be that a sickness may claim my life,

Who knows if I’ll just sleep and wake up no more.
I do not wish for all these neither do you,
But I know it is the reality, so should you,


That I don’t know when I’ll die draws me closer to Allah and so should you,


I have seen many die, so have you,


Disobey Allah because of someone, he/she won’t bear your burdens for you,


Who would offer to be buried with someone if not a fool?


I’m not perfect neither are you,


I commit sins, so do you,


But I don’t doubt Allah’s mercy, so should you,


I know sin wrecks me, same it does to you,


I’m striving to flee from it, so should you,


May Allah Help me, same for you.


Lukman Bashir LuCas Samson.

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