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March 27, 2018 Islamic Poems Uncategorized 0

Not a terrorist
Hi, nice to meet you am a terrorist
Am sorry for Boston, Brussels and for Paris 9/11
For making you uncomfortable in the airplane
Sorry for offending your culture by covering

Sorry that my dietary restrictions are a threat to your health
Since apparently eating halal might cause u to catch a disease
Sorry that the 99% of terorrist attack are from non Muslims
Sorry for inventing tooth brush because who wants good health for the clock and coffee beans

The camera in which you take your selfies
For founding the first university, the invention of chemistry and algebra
I am sorry for all of you

So I, the terrorist, am handing the pallet over to you, do what u wish
Paint me over with a brush called _discrimination
Color me with colors called generalisation and
Wash me with the unbelievable concept of islamphobia

I found it hilarious that people will tell me and assume
That because am a Muslim I can’t speak English
And the fact that my mother wears traditional Islamic clothing
Because that is what LIBERATES her
She’s automatically assume as not knowing the Western tongue

I found it funny that am called uneducated
And probably had a hard time learning English
But you all mistake the S and Z, when it comes down to labelling me
I am a Muslim not a Muz-lim and my religion is Islam not Iz-lam

Why is it that am treated like a guest in my own home
But heck what do I know, I am just a terrorist
Am sick and tired of the back handed comments and shocked expression
The ignorants questions like “Don’t you get hurt in the summer” but “no am hot all the time”

To the girl in my economic class that told me I have nice headgear,
Do I look like a football player, or to my business teacher
Who taught us a lesson on “Islamic culture” and then proceed
Of showing us a video of the “Islamic states”, showing us the beheading and brainwashing

Whilst he himself brainwashed a room full of 30 (my classmates and peers)
So let me teach you a lesson of my own, the terrorists group that jusfies their
Indescribable action with my religion, even though they never read that Quran not religion
And that religion is not culture and sir that over there is not my religion.

So dear people of the world am sorry for the bombing and the massacres,
The bombing and bloodsheds, the attcks and the hurt but don’t you know am hurting too?
Don’t you know it’s hurt to stand up here and say am sorry for what I didn’t do
I am not a terrorist ” radical Islam ” is not a thing because by saying that you are
Still associating terorr with me because the only gun have ever fired is that of poetry

And the only minefields have created are the ones that explode with kindness and compassion
Instead of dropping bombs, I drop myself towards my lord
I don’t want to come across hateful and full vengeance,
Am just tired of taking the blame and tired of apologizing

Having to defend myself when I too am a VICTIM
I am a girl
I am a Muslim
My religion is Islam
My name is zaynab
Am not a terrorist

Islam preach about peace not hatred towards one another, we are Muslim and our religion is Islam…… We are not terrorists

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